When it comes to friends, there is often The Big Guy and The Little Guy. Sometimes physically, sometimes as a morphing emotional state.

They are Buddies: Figuring out life together, investigating the mysteries, finding the fun, protecting each other’s space, comforting each other’s heart, cheering each other on. Through adventure or repose, thunderstorms or sunshine, every weight within and every gust of wind, they find what they need together.

No Coast Art Wizard Michael French (MEF) has created the Buddies mini figure to remind you of the wonder of friendship. The Buddies are kept in a Toy Vending Machine until they are ordered and are delivered in a capsule to you. Let them loose today.

Title: Buddies
Release Date: 08-18-2023
Artist: Michael E. French (MEF)
Type: Art Toy, designer toy, sculpture, mini figure, capsule toy
Material: Resin
Size: 4.7 cm H (2 inch H)
Colorway: 01a Blue & Yellow (01b Yellow & Blue: 5 chase figures)
Edition: Limited to 25 pieces, comes in a capsule
Year: 2023
Price: $35
Website: http://www.memgician.com
Instagram: @memgician
Email: [email protected]

  • Bagged with Header Card
    2 available 50%
  • Capsule
    9 available 100%