Eye Guy

Eye Guy

Eye Guy!

Celebrate, Accept, Ward Off, or Curse! Eye Guy is your perfect totem for anxiety!

At (nearly) two inches tall you’ll forget they’re watching, until you remember: They are always watching!
You're not paranoid. They’re staring at you. What are they thinking? What do they know? What does that cute, but creepy, cyclopean eye see?

Drive yourself to paranoia! Take your friends with you! Have eye-scream while you're there!

No Coast Art Wizard Michael French (MEF) has created the Eye Guy mini figure to help you deal... or send you over the edge. The Eye Guys are kept in a Toy Vending Machine until they are ordered and are delivered in a capsule to you. Keep them trapped inside, or open it for a staring contest: You decide!

Title: Eye Guy
Release Date: 07-13-2022
Artist: Michael E. French (MEF)
Type: Art Toy, Sculpture, mini figure, capsule toy
Material: Resin
Size: 4.7 cm H (1 13/16 inch H)
Colorway: 01 Blue
Edition: Limited to 25 pieces, comes in a capsule
Year: 2022
Price: $35
Website: http://www.memgician.com
Instagram: @memgician
Email: [email protected]

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